It was nice to see my first book review published in Hub magazine - Robert Buettner's 'Orphanage'.  I've another one I need to write, and then have Charles Stross's 'Halted State' to follow.  Watch this space - or  rather Hub's space.

This year I achieved another first - having a single story rejected twice by one magazine.  I submitted the story back in October last year, queried early this year to no effect, queried the query and got a rather terse response saying they no longer had the story and I should therefore assume rejection.  Author retreats, mildly miffed, only to receive a mailed rejection in August for the same story, using my pre-paid and addressed envelope enclosed with the original submission.  Author responds with a gay heart  thanking the editors and commenting they must have really hated it to reject it twice, though in fact more than a little disappointed by this behaviour from a pro-rate market.
My next submission is rejected within seven days.  Result!

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