Well, I've been a good boy and have been keeping the novel and short story submissions going out the door regularly the past few weeks, as well as writing regularly.  So far the result has been a rejection from Writers of the Future for a short story, and a rather encouraging one from an agent about my Ace Timewaster novel.  It was still a rejection however, and I learned long ago not to consider complimentary rejections as a form of success.

I've also recently decided to revisit my first novel, a more traditional fantasy that did the rounds some years back (Gods, I've just looked, it was 97/98).  At one time I really thought I'd made it with this one when it was shortlisted by the Virgin Worlds imprint.  The imprint folded a few months later and
as it had thoroughly done the rounds by then I decided to put it to one side and move on.  Now i think it would be a good idea to take another look at it, and so have decided to embark on a total rewrite.  I'm intending to rewrite from scratch, 130,000 words as it stands now.

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