Allen Ashley has kindly made an official announcement of my story 'Fade' being accepted for the Catastrophia anthology on the PS Publishing web site.


Ladybird books were a part of my childhood, set in a strange and perfect mirror of the suburban world I lived in.  Some people said they were a form of propaganda for children, designed to make them into well-behaved little middle-class drones.  I just liked looking at the pictures.

This book is an excellent example of those fine chidlren's books form an ere now gone forever.


I'm delighted to announce I've sold my short story 'Fade' to  the Catastrophia anthology from PS Publishing

Edited by the multi-talented Allen Ashley, Catastrophia  will be will be "a collection of stories loosely themed around the theme of catastrophes, disasters and post-apocalyptic fiction."  Publication is expected to be summer 2010.