I think this is great news.  Another genre agency can only be a good thing and I take it as a sign of confidence.  Good luck to both Johns.


John Parker
  07787 747302

John Berlyne
  07956 660024

Utopia Village, 7 Chalcot Road, London NW1 8L
Literary agent John Richard Parker (formerly of MBA) has combined forces with freelance literary consultant and experienced genre critic John Berlyne. Zeno Agency Ltd will specialise in all kinds of fiction -
Literary, Crime and in particular Science Fiction and Fantasy - and also in serious non-fiction works. Zeno aims to bring writers of excellence and originality to the attention of both the industry and the public,
developing their careers to encompass all aspects of the media worldwide. One of the agency's first priorities will be to establish a dedicated and pro-active web-presence showcasing Zeno's literary talent.

John Parker says 'I am very pleased by the feeling of confidence in our venture shown by so many of my clients - writers like Roger Penrose, Iain Sinclair, Ian Mcdonald, Justina Robson and the Jabberwocky Literary Agency are happy to follow me to the new agency. I am also delighted that a number of formidably experienced editors such as Colin Murray
have agreed to work with us as editorial consultants. We believe that getting the right script and presentation is vitally important.'

John Berlyne said: 'This is a fantastic opportunity to work with an agent of John's calibre and reputation and we'll be using his lifetime of business contacts to open doors for our clients. We're out to develop
the Zeno brand so that it means real quality to publishers.'

All the pieces are in place to launch a vibrant new force on the literary scene, and Zeno are looking forward to making their mark.


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Weee!  I've just received my new copies of Jack Vance's Lyonesse trilogy - Suldrun's Garden, the Green Pearl, and Madouc.
Yes, I've had these books for years, but Vance is my favourite fantasist, and a writer I hugely admire (as you may come to grow tired of hearing), but these editions are special as they are paperback reprints of the Vance Integral Edition (VIE) editions.
VIE http://www.vanceintegral.com/ was an extraordinary fan project - a 44 book hardback reprint of Vance's entire body of work, including his Ellery Queen stories, with Vance's approval and cooperation, with the intention to restore all the texts to 'definitive' versions, taking into account all manuscripts and reprints etc.  
I bought these from http://www.editionandreasirle.com/, a few copies are left if there are ony other fanbosy/girls out there , they're a little expensive but well short of the $150+ per volume the original VIE hardbacks now command.  There were only 600 sets printed, and I didn't find out about it until it was over so have missed my chance.  The sets are now -outrageously- expensive so I'll have to wait for the premium bonds to come in.
Highly recommended for all fantasy readers.


Well, I've been a good boy and have been keeping the novel and short story submissions going out the door regularly the past few weeks, as well as writing regularly.  So far the result has been a rejection from Writers of the Future for a short story, and a rather encouraging one from an agent about my Ace Timewaster novel.  It was still a rejection however, and I learned long ago not to consider complimentary rejections as a form of success.

I've also recently decided to revisit my first novel, a more traditional fantasy that did the rounds some years back (Gods, I've just looked, it was 97/98).  At one time I really thought I'd made it with this one when it was shortlisted by the Virgin Worlds imprint.  The imprint folded a few months later and
as it had thoroughly done the rounds by then I decided to put it to one side and move on.  Now i think it would be a good idea to take another look at it, and so have decided to embark on a total rewrite.  I'm intending to rewrite from scratch, 130,000 words as it stands now.