I had high hopes of the Copenhagen summit on climate change.  It seems those hopes were forlorn.  Roger Harrabin's report for the BBC is critical and disheartening. 
I'm not a political animal, I think party politics and ideologies, national egos and the such are morally repllent and intelectually irrational.  Once again the politicians have let us down, but now I'm thinking less in terms of being simply let down in the usual round of optimism and broken promises.  Now I'm thinking of being betrayed.  Our hopes and powers were in the hands of these people and collectively they have betrayed that trust.
Underneath it all seems to be a complete failure to understand the scope of this coming crisis, its depth and its breadth, and the need for collective, global, fundamental change right now, this very minute, absolutely right now before it is too late.
And they didn't.
The fuckers.
So OK, what am I doing?  Well, maybe like everyone I'm doing a bit, I'm personally trying to do what I can but I know I could do more, and I'm thinking how.
Maybe that's how it's going to play.  Perhaps that is the real message of the RATM Christmas #1.  We don't have to listen to the Man, we can do it for ourselves.  At the moment it feels like we're going to have to.
The question is - how?