Finally a piece of good news in the magazine market.  Realms of Fantasy is not closing after all.  The latest announcement is that it has been bought by Warren Lapine at Tir Na Nog Press .
It's great to hear that this good mag is still in business.  Let's hope it continues...


With F&SF going bi-monthly recently, times are clearly hard but I'm pretty  surprised at the way this has been done, assuming that ->this<- is an accurate report.

It feels like the owners were looking for an excuse to pull the plug, particularly as they've gone public before even telling Shawna, which I think is a particularly poor way to treat an employee.

I'm also surprised that considering subscriptions were good and advertising presumably still reasonable they didn't go into hiatus, poll subscribers and go e-zine.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone buys the title and doeas just that.
You can always hope!