Well that was fun!  I survived the Dragons Lair and got to talk to, and thank, most of the panel afterwards.  These included John Jarrold, Pete Crowther, and Gillian Redfearn, and I also met five other nice people, the other finalists.

Eastercon itself was also a whole lot of fun.  I met many people I'd never spoken to before, and cuaght up with several old friends, especially the Milford crew.  It was great to hear about Heather Lindsley's first sale to Asimovs - what a good sale!

So I was roped into David Wake's brilliant play, 'Insidious', stayed up late, did the other thing writers love to do - drink beer and talk about writing.  It all went too fast. 

I'll be back next year and we have plans for three workshops for 2010 instead of this year's one.

Maybe see you there.

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