Cittie of York, Holborn, Saturday 9th August
Gareth Powell - 'The Last Reef'
Chris Beckett - 'The Turing Test'

This was a great afternoon, with readings from both authors from their books.  It's great to see short story collections being published and I made sure I had my copies.  Thank you Elastic Press.

I'm an infrequent attender of these events but this one was a lot of fun, well attended by many friendly people, including Molly Brown, fellow T-Party members Gary Couzens, Gaie Sebold & Rosanne Rabinowitz, the author Eric Brown, and Ian Whate, of NewCon Press, who managed to sell me one of his books too, and of coursde Andrew Hook from EP.  I'm going to make sure I go to more.

Molly's partner took some pictures.  You can see them here.

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