I was very sad to hear the lovely and talented Robert Holdstock died  on 29th November from an E.Coli infection.
Mythago Wood introduced me to Robert's writing, and the worlds he created.  There are very few books that you can divide your life inot the time before your read it and the time after. For me Mythago Wood was one of them.  It is one of the defining English fantasy novels of the modern era, telling a tale rooted in both myth and the modern world, spanning and linking both in ways that feel not only believeable, but almost ache to leave the page and become real.
It's a story I've read several times, and will read again, along with the equally inspired sequels, Lavondyss, The Bone Forest, and more.  Great fantasy creates worlds you wish you could be part of.  Somehow Robert's writing made you feel the same about -this- world, if only you could just see things the right way.
Farewell, Robert, you were an inspiration and a creator of wonders for this reader, and for many, many others. 

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