I have just sold my short story Installation 72 to Modernist Press for their 'Art for Art's Sake' anthology, due to be published later this year.

I'm really looking forwards to how Modernist present this antho.  With plans for illustrations to compliment each story from a commissioned artist it sounds like it will look very nice.

It's great to see some other UK writers in this too: Andrew Hook and Stephen Gaskell (who I met through Aliette de Bodard at Eastercon 2009).
1/6/2010 04:32:13 am

Huzzah! I'm delighted for you, but also surprised, cause goddamn, that was a harsh story. With illustrations?!

Dave Gullen
1/6/2010 05:02:12 am

Yes - with illustrations. Apparently the book format is planned as a large-format coffe-table style. Makes you wonder.

4/22/2012 07:43:12 pm

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